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Genius Tea

Genius Tea

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Delicious, soft-flavoured, loose black tea with a chuchotement (whisper) of blueberries, perfect for waking the muse.

It’s already well-known that black tea is good for your brain resulting in relaxation and better focus, so why not combine it with a superfood like blueberries for a double whammy of steaming goodness PLUS increased blood flow to brain cells, improved memory, and most necessary in this day and age, a stronger commitment to vigilance? And what else could we call a tea such as this but Genius Tea?

Yummy plain, or with a slice of fresh lemon or orange or both, or stirred with a spoonful of honey and a splash of milk. The perfect morning or afternoon pick-me-up . . . a tea to enjoy with a good book, or share with a friend. Comes complete with caffein which has been linked to benefits such as enhanced alertness, elevated mood, and renewed sense of well-being.

6 oz. bag.

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