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Susan Branch

Distilled Genius

Distilled Genius

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Distilled Genius - A Collection of Life-Changing Quotations by Susan Branch

You can go here to watch a video preview of the book:

As many of you know, I've been collecting quotes most of my life and began adding them to the pages of my books beginning with my first one, Heart of the Home, published in 1986. I learned that everything that's ever needed to be said, has been said by someone whose extraordinary life and times give their words fathomless depth. Practical expressions of wisdom from courageous thinkers and teachers ahead of their time, nurturing and life-affirming, hilarious, heroic, and human ~ they taught me how to be brave, showed me where to find my dreams, and encouraged me to try and make them a reality. From Bhagavad Gita to Anne Frank, Rosa Parks to George Patton, Marcus Aurelius to Doris Day ~ brilliant hopeful words, from the beginning of time, words that changed my life. I can’t think of a better gift to give you at this time in my life. Our world has gotten so out of hand, I found much comfort through the sages of history and hope you will too. As usual, this book is hand-written and watercolored, and like my others, it's a book with a story, and comes with forever love from the Heart of the Home and me!
272 full-color pages with ribbon bookmark, signed book plate, 7” x 9”, retail price $31.95.

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